Storytelling for Social Impact

1PM - 5PM

Event Details

Singapore+Acumen, in partnership with APCO Worldwide, will be conducting a workshop on “Storytelling for Social Good” on April 8, 2017. The workshop will be based on a real case study of a socially-minded business based in Singapore who is working on a solution that will lead to true social impact in the Southeast Asia region. The skills and knowledge participants gain from this workshop will be applicable for both investors and budding social enterprises or start-ups as storytelling is an essential skill that leads to memorable pitches, valuable engagements and authentic communications be it with investors, customers, beneficiaries or any other third-party audiences.

Who should attend:

  • People interested in learning more about the power of storytelling and its applications on social entrepreneurship and building an authentic and memorable brand
  • Investors seeking to undertand how to evaluate potential investees and their respective audiences
  • Social entrepreneurs / start-ups who want to learn how to apply the skill of storytelling in their day-to-day engagements with investors and customers

All proceeds (100%) from event registration fees will be directly donated to Acumen.